One of the facets of love is protection; we strive to safeguard our cherished dogs from pesky and harmful insects. Bar-Fly for Dogs does exactly that – it is an all natural surface repellent that wards off fleas, ticks and other unruly bugs. Bar-Fly for Dogs offers a long lasting formula featuring peppermint oil, a natural flea repellent with the benefit of keeping your pet smelling fresh. With no chemicals or hormones, this product is safe for all dogs, especially those that spend a lot of time outside.

How to use:  Apply Bar-Fly evenly to your Dog's head, back and legs.

Bar Fly for Dogs


    Johnstown, PA  


    We believe in using the simplicity of nature's ingredients to cleanse, soothe, heal and protect your skin. We believe in the power of giving back and feel a tremendous responsibility to support the community in which we operate. To that end, we are committed to supporting local organizations with each purchase. 

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